Sleep Deprivation is Lethal

If you opened this blog …

I’m guessing you know why lack of sleep has been used as a torture mechanism.

So much of having a child is wonderful, and lovely, and enchanting.

It can also be monotonous, frustrating, exhausting, identity-stealing, filled with snot bubbles, and exhaustion that hurts every single part of your body (I even felt it in my hair).

When you are used to managing your own time, schedule, and to do list …

then that structure completely changes.

Well, it can be rough.

BUT, then add on, a child who is struggling to fall asleep at night. 

More than what you feel is typical …

Well, that kind of exhaustion and lack of structure can really change a person. And not in a way that feels good.

What is the best advice I could ever provide?

I could suggest a break.
I could suggest getting help.
I could suggest a million different things.

But that is the problem with advice without context.

See, in order to actually support you and your child and your family, I must learn about your own specific situation.

My best advice is for you to:
* find someone knowledgeable.
* non-judgmental.
* and with your best interests in mind.
* Who will listen to your real concerns.
* Who will support you no matter what decisions you make.

I am one of those people.
There are others like me too.

If you are curious about what the process might be of hiring a sleep expert, let’s have a quick call.

Free. No obligation. No pressure.

Simply support.

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