“I’m just trying to do what is right for my family”

Raise your hand if you have ever been made to feel like what you are doing for your family is “wrong.”

Clients have shared things such as,

“I was told I really needed to get her into the crib if she was going to grow.”

“Sometimes they just have to cry, that’s how they learn.”

“Your bed is for a married couple, he shouldn’t be in there with you.”

“Breast is best.”

“The only place for baby is the crib.”

“If you do it even one time, you’ll always regret it.”

“You are too attached to your child, she is going to be spoiled.”

“You have to respond to your child faster or he won’t be attached to you.”

“Stop hovering, you are going to give her a complex.”

Oh. My. Flipping. Goodness!!

Can it please just stop?!?!?

The never-ending judgment.
The ever-flowing “advice.”
The insults masked as help.

Can we please just hit the silence button on all of that?????? Please!

That is not what happens here.
Not at all.

Parents are supported, for real supported.
Parents are never judged.
I meet you where you are. And we go from there.
I help you understand what your real fears and concerns are. Then we address those.
I help you understand what your child is communicating to you. Then we take it from there.
I help you know exactly what to say when “well-meaning” others, say nonsense. (And it is all nonsense).

You don’t have to keep doing this alone.
Most parents are surprised how quickly things can change, even after just one conversation.

You will feel better.
You will sleep better.
Your child will sleep better.

And it won’t even be hard.

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