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the right sleep solution

If you’ve got a child who isn’t sleeping, and you are looking to sleep more yourself…

Discover the real reasons behind sleep struggles and what to do about them!

I coach parents of young children in solving the mystery of getting their child to sleep through the night.

With a Ph.D. in child development, I’ve trained thousands of parents and child care workers throughout the US and Canada in safe sleep practices and child development.

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When your child struggles with sleep at night … everyone struggles.

From the deep exhaustion and mental fog — it’s no wonder that figuring out a bedtime strategy that works consistently is so hard. 

Every single child is different.

Every family is unique.

Each circumstance requires a certain approach.

Yet, piecing it all together … well, it can be a lot of work. And you are really busy!

  • If bedtime seems to go on forever, with a ton of rocking or demands …
  • You feel like you are running out of ideas of what else to try …
  • People are pressuring you to just try …
  • You are wondering if something is wrong with what you are doing …
  • If you worry that your child needs more sleep to be healthy …

What I Offer to Your Family

My goal, simply put, is to support you in figuring out the exact, right routine for your family, so everyone can get to sleep.

I never suggest a method that you don’t want to use. It’s YOUR family, you know what is right.

I help you trust your instincts and learn the vital child development that lets you confidently decide what to do each night.

Imagine if you could be playful and happy throughout the day, so that when bedtime comes, your child knows exactly what to expect.

So you can kiss them on the head, give an extra snuggle, and leave the room … so you can do … whatever you want! 

Sounds pretty great to me. 

And you can have it too. 

For real. 

Like really!

Let's Begin

Reach out. Let's work together to find a sleep solution that works for your family.

What parents have to say...

“I would recommend Erica to any family that struggles not only with bedtime routine, but to any parent who is struggling to feel empowered all while struggling to keep their eyes open. This will change your life, I guarantee it.”



“Erica helped me identify not just the challenges we were having at bedtime, but how to fix them in ways specific to my own children and the why behind the challenges.  Using the interests of my own kids we chose possible solutions to their individual sleep issues — Erica understands that every kid and family is different and uses that to help find a solution.”

Courtney Cooper


Erica was amazing. The 21 month sleep regression was really rough for us, and my husband and I spent hours scouring the internet for advice. We were exhausted and pretty upset. 

We felt so much better after talking with her: she helped us with a plan, we had a better understanding of what may have been happening and why, and we just felt more at ease with how to approach the bedtime routine with our daughter. Bedtime has been improving ever since, and I recommend her to all parents I know.”

Shoa and David Appelman


“Erica is great at asking questions to understand the root cause of your child’s sleeping issues. She is positive, helpful and knowledgeable. She is a kind, caring and compassionate professional who really tunes in to your family’s needs as a whole. She doesn’t give you mommy guilt just great, actionable advice. I would highly recommend her.”

Denise Hakola

“Once you went over the 3rd shift, it was like I was released to go back to bed and have the nights sleep I’ve been craving for so long!!!  It was like night and day for my wife and me.  It’s so doable, but I see why so many folks are afraid to do it too!”



“Erica’s coaching style is so compassionate yet powerful which helped me have the courage to dive deep into the painful thoughts that were holding me back from leading and attracting my best life.”