Someone took care of me for a change

So I got myself some coffee yesterday, from an actual coffee shop.

I remember during my child’s first year of life, being really (honestly) proud of myself for only forgetting 3 times to put the coffee cup underneath the Keurig before I turned it on.

Celebrating the wins over here!

Yet, when I went to this coffee shop, I witnessed something that kinda took my breath away.

When the barista was putting the lid on my cup …

She made sure the front of the lid wasn’t lined up with the seal of the cup!

(Now, for anyone who doesn’t realize why this blew my mind, it’s because if the seal is lined up with the hole you drink out of, the seal gets wet, then starts to drip. And since the seal is right in front of you, it dribbles all over you.

Every. Single. Time. Without. Fail.)

When she took the care to actually ensure I didn’t get dribbled upon, I was so grateful.

** Finally, someone had actually taken care of me.
** Thought about what I needed.
** Considered how to make my day a little bit better.
** And took a tiny bit of extra effort to help me feel happy.

You do this all day every day.
I know you do. You’re a parent.
You do this as part of your every day.

You take care of those around you. You consider what they need. You creatively respond to their requests. You stay up late if they can’t sleep. You rock them for forever. You may even sleep on the floor of their room so they feel safe and comforted.

You are amazing.

So in that spirit …

Let someone else take care of you today.

I’m Erica. I take care of the parents.
Through coaching and non-judgmental support, we get you and your child sleeping.

Let’s chat about how I can help you.

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