There I was, crying at the doctor’s office​

The doctor came over, after a somewhat invasive procedure and said, 

“Yep, there’s nothing wrong with you. Everything looks fine.”

And, I absolutely lost it. 

Started weeping, uncontrollably.

Maybe it was coming off the anesthesia, maybe it was the release of adrenaline, but I think it was something else. 

To me, something had to be wrong. Otherwise, why was I feeling so crappy, al the time? LIKE ALL THE TIME?

So when she told me nothing was wrong …

I felt like I was invalidated.

Like, no one believed me.

Like, what I was going through, ,no one was taking it seriously. 

And when my child wouldn’t sleep at night … it brought back all of those same feelings.

when I would ask for help with my child’s sleep, I was always met with the same phrases:

“Just lay him in the crib and walk away.”

“He’ll be fine, you just need to be tougher.”

“I’m not sure why he won’t sleep, my kid was absolutely perfect.”

and on and on.

I’m here to tell you, what you are feeling matters.

It matters a lot.

And I care.

And I want to help you.

Because yes, maybe there was nothing physically diagnosable at that doctor’s office. And yes, maybe my son needed something different from me. 

But I needed help. 

In both situations.

And if you need help with supporting your own kiddo at night time …

Well, just let me know. And I will help.

That’s what I do here.

I want everyone to get the sleep that they need, in the way that is right for their family and situation. 

Without ever using a method that feels bad, makes you feel “less than,” or makes you feel disempowered. 

That is not ok.

And it doesn’t have to be that way.

Just let me know when you are ready. I’ll be here.

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