Here’s What to Do With Sleep Advice

Ever get sleep advice that:
– You didn’t ask for
– You didn’t want
– That wasn’t helpful
– That was sarcastic
– That was a veiled insult
– That was a clear insult
– That was unrealistic
– That was incredibly out of touch

Well, my sweet friend, here is your permission to do what is needed with all of that advice:

You do not need anything that isn’t meant for you.

Honestly, most sleep advice comes from a place of wanting to help.

But so much of it is not specific and not responding to your real and immediate needs.

That’s why there are sleep consultants.

We coach you to help you with what you need.
Not based on some generic or widespread advice.
It is catered to you.
To your family.
Based on what you need.

Plus, you are a part of the solution. Nothing is done without you and your approval.

It’s pretty amazing.

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