“My other kids weren’t like this”

While recently supporting a mom with 4 kids, she was honestly flabbergasted.

She had no issues with her first 3 children at bedtime.

But when that sweet 4th child entered the picture, nothing seemed to work.

What was so different? Why was this child not able to sleep?

She realized that her child’s temperament was quite different than her other children.

And she tried everything she could think of to support her sweet girl.

But then,

The littlest one started waking up the other 3 kids.

Now, no one was sleeping well at night.

This story has a happy ending.

We came up with strategies that fit everyone’s temperament, that made each child feel special.

And have their very own, unique, and self-satisfying sleep supports.

And things changed the very next day.

It is incredible how quickly some of these things can work.

If you are still struggling with bedtime, let’s talk.

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