Truth bomb inside

Kids absorb stress.

It is not your fault you are stressed!

Everyone is telling you something must be wrong with you or your baby

  • he needs a schedule
  • the routine must be missing something
  • they should only be sleeping in the crib
  • you went back in too soon
  • it must be a regression
  • you should get something to deal with all that light in the room
  • he must be in between phases
  • you weren’t consistent
  • you must not have the right gear
  • he must have reflux
  • etc.

There have been children sleeping through the night for eons.

Helping your child to sleep can be a reality for you.

There is a solution.

How do you figure out this solution?

It takes questioning,
some curiosity,
some reflection.

And that is what a coach can help with.

A coach is someone who holds space so you can figure out the actual, correct solution that works for both you and your child.

It isn’t painful.

It doesn’t require you to leave your child alone.

It doesn’t require you to squirm and question your values.

It is simply me asking questions and you reflecting on your answers.

Easy Peasy.

So, schedule a time to talk here.

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