Creating Schedules that Kids Actually Follow

So you want to make a schedule that your young child will actually understand a follow.

But how?!?!

Well, check out this short video blog for one mom’s experience.

Tips for creating schedules with young kids:

  • Have them help
  • Let them decide on the order of some things
  • Use post-its so you can change up the order as needed
  • Be sure there are fun things on that schedule too
  • Use pictures and words, especially important if the children can’t read yet
  • Expect there to be hiccups and mix-ups, it takes a while to establish a routine.
  • Stop things that aren’t working. For real. If it doesn’t work, don’t do it. Change it up as needed.

Check out our fun 1-minute challenge videos for more ideas on what to add to your kid-friendly schedule each day.

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