Help for When Your Kid Won’t Wear a Mask

So what do you do when your kid won’t wear their face mask?

Ahhhh friends! Tips inside this short video.

Please share it with other parents who may need some help.

We need to get our kids outside, and we want to continue to protect ourselves and others. Don’t let tantrums about masks get in your way. Stop the tantrums before they even begin.

Quick Tips

  • Make sure the mask isn’t itchy.
  • Not too tight or they won’t wear it, but tight enough that it still provides coverage.
  • Your kids are confused, give them age-appropriate information. Not scary, but informative.
  • Let them feel like they are part of something fun and exciting. Let them explain to other kids how to make their mask more fun!
  • If the mask is stinky they won’t wear it! Use a scented approach to cleaning masks, or my favorite way, Chocolate!!
  • Don’t give up and stay inside, reach out for support! I promise I will help you through this.

Need some extra tips to turn your hardest time of day into the easiest?? Grab this freebie with a huge list of ideas.

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