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FREE Masterclass

"Discover The 4 Shifts To A Happy, Healthy, & Sleeping Child (And Parent) All WITHOUT Using Methods That Make You Cringe!"

12-Week Program

A Solution-Focused Experience, "Compassionately Solving the Sleep Struggles"

FREE Video Masterclass

This FREE resource is for any exhausted parents of children under 4!

Discover The 4 Shifts To A Happy, Healthy, & Sleeping Child (And Parent) All WITHOUT Using Methods That Make You Cringe!

Honestly, I don't dread bedtime the way I used to.” 

Shoa Appelman, Arilington, VA

During this masterclass you’ll discover:

  • How to confidently help your child sleep
  • Why they don’t fall asleep & what to do about it
  • What to do with all the “sleep advice” that doesn’t work
  • How to feel calm and happy every single night
  • Why your approaches have been backfiring — and what to do about it

12-Week Coaching and Course Program

Immersive Program for Parents Ready to Actually Sleep at Night!

Compassionately Solving Sleep Struggles

12-Week Solution-Focused Experience

12 Weeks!

12 weeks of group coaching sessions so that you’re not doing any of this alone. Let's dive deep and build a routine that lasts.

13 Modules!

13-module comprehensive online course providing all the exercises and information you need to develop a healthy and functioning bedtime routine.

Q&A Each Week

Q&A coaching session each week where you can bring your sleep struggle questions and get direct support, quickly, tailored to your specific situation.

Weekly Coaching

Clarity coaching session each week to address those worries that we carry as parents so that you can be led by integrity on your parenting journey.

Video Resources

Convenient and Short video resources that you can watch during feedings, in between meals, or any chance you get a few minutes of silence.

Printable Resources

Printable resources that you can post around your home so you never forget the tips and tricks that are about to make your life so much easier and happier.

Real Talk

Real talk on “sleep advice” and what to do when you encounter advice that makes you cringe. This is a safe, non-judgemental space.

Connect with Others

Inclusion into a real support system, of other parents, with similar struggles, all wanting the best for their child -- the connections made here can last a lifetime!

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Hear from other parents

After getting a full night’s rest, without getting up even once with him, this energy is unmatched! I feel like I could take over the world. I want to bottle this feeling!


This was instrumental in turning hard times into play-time. Your ideas are both interesting and helpful and I recommend it to any parent who is ready to pull their hair out.



Erica is an amazing life coach! She is caring and focused on helping clients find relief. I used her for parenting coaching and its was so helpful. Thank you!



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